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The principal, Cathy Biber, has nearly two decades of experience implementing practical thermal solutions.

Recent projects include:

  • Determine best shape, length and spacing for low-conductivity heat sink pins in natural convection
  • Minimize operational temperatures for opto-mechanical display module
  • Design thermal solution for automotive LED headlamp
  • Develop thermal strategy for fan-less test equipment unit
  • Determine thermal feasibility of PC slot antenna
  • Evaluate effects of adding optional module to existing system
  • Design heat sink for LED light fixture
  • Predict histogram of maximum temperature based on multiple input parameter distributions
  • Determine diode current limits for reduced water flow to equipment in pulsed operation with multiple load cycles
  • Assess reliability impact of varying temperature cycles
  • Recommend cooling design for LED projection system
  • Analyze transients using RC network model of cooling system
  • Evaluate thermal effects of system enclosures
  • Size heating and cooling capacities for closed, outdoor precision equipment
  • Quantify effect of thermocouple positional variations on "measured" data

Completely eliminated last minute, thermally related delays of first-customer shipments across all projects.

Designed and validated fan control system to meet thermal targets and minimize acoustic noise in all environmental ambient conditions. .

Identified root cause of short data/video projector lamp life;  collaborated with vendor to reset thermal specifications for better reliability.

Redesigned disk drive retention brackets to allow better ventilation, enabling the installation of twice as many disk drives per unit.

Earlier highlights:

Demonstrated feasibility of conventional belt furnace for high-temperature solder reflow, reducing capital requirements from custom  furnace by 95%.

Identified dimensionless parameter for suitable operating conditions in vertical rotating-disk VPE reactor.

U.S. Patents #7,178,950, 6,899,444, 6,472,828 and 6,260,610

 SemiTherm 1998 Best Paper Award

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology