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Optical Systems Cooling

Optical Systems include components that manipulate light beams, both visible and non-visible wavelengths. In this seminar, you will learn how to apply principles of heat transfer and energy balance to optical sources and beam management components. Discover potential problem areas with energy budgets. Using energy band analysis, learn how to develop innovative approaches to managing critical optical component temperatures.

Excel Power: Tips and Tricks for Engineering Calculations

An overview of how to use spreadsheets (Excel 2003 or earlier) to efficiently perform engineering analyses: Mouse-less navigation: moving around on the worksheet, selecting ranges, keystroke operations; Formula tricks: labels and defined names, formula auditing, flexible-length named ranges, array formula for matrix solution; Iteration methods: circular reference, goal seek, solver; An introduction to macros: recording, modifying, and making a button to run a macro; Charting sanity: modifying charts to suit you; Swimming in data: importing data, finding a "steady state" value, filtering, database functions, highlighting values.

Thermo-Physical and Acoustic Design of Electronic Systems

This full-day seminar covers key aspects of thermo-physical design of electronic systems: the process of integrated physical and thermal design, and designing for low acoustic noise.

The integrated design process seeks to incorporate sufficient thermal capability in the overall architecture to prevent thermal problems. Such an approach also balances the many design requirements placed on system engineers, including the need for low acoustic noise emission.

The successful quiet system must be designed as such from the earliest stages of the design, with low acoustic noise emission a high priority from the beginning. This seminar offers specific guidelines for quiet system design, as well as thermo-acoustic tradeoff implementation.

Liquid Cooling from A to Z

In this short course we spend most of the day on an overview of things to think about when faced with implementing a liquid cooling system. From system space constraints to analytical work to planning your lab testing facility, there's a lot here to think about at many levels of your organization.

Call or e-mail for details on how to offer these courses at your company site.

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